Some other thoughts and pictures  from 2013 All School Reunion

A town called Cyrus back in the 40/50's:                        June 2013


   A town that when called by your first name - most everybody knew who you were..

   A town where all the street lights were controlled by one seeing eye on the water tower

     and would all go out if you shined your car spotlight on it. (Everyone had a spotlight?)

   A town that didn't have any street signs or house numbers back in 58 that I remember.

   A town where looking out the window to see who just drove by was the norm - not bad.

   A town where the train only went West on Tuesday and East on Thursday - and never

      on Sunday so you could lower your tire pressure and drive to Starbuck on the tracks?

   A town with a school and churches that really cared about things like community,

      fellowship, respect and structure yet fun times through music, sports, 4H, FFA, etc.,


  The forgoing is just some of the good memories - Need I say more? - Except " Thanks"

   for letting me spend my 12 years at Cyrus grade & CHS - Gerald (Jerry) Class of 58.

Thanks for the memories . .

Gerald (Jerry) - Class of 58

Ok  - Just one more picture

Rita - Class of 53

 Pictures from Gib Ahlstrand