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I am Virginia Swanson Ellman and lived in Cyrus from 1935 to 1937 on the Danielson farm south of town.  My Mother was a Danielson - Mary Danielson Swanson.  My Grandmother, Emily Danielson passed away in May of 1935 so my Mother was asked by her brothers to help them out with housework.  Mother, brother Earl, sisters Gloria,Phyllis and I moved in the Fall of 1935 to join this family of 4 bachelor brothers of my Mother.  This was a huge job for my Mother at that time, but she managed.  We attended the Cyrus school and rode the bus back and forth when we were not snowed in.  When that happened the school had a horse and sleigh that came across the fields to pick us up.  The heavy blankets and warm bricks on the floor kept us warm.  My wonderful memory of those years were our activities at St. Petri Lutheran Church where I had been baptized in 1923.  Now at age 14 it was time for me to attend Catechism classes in preparation of being Confirmed.  My Sunday School teacher was Mr. Bergstrom, the village blacksmith.  Every Sunday before we started our class we learned the song, Have Thine Own Way Lord, which I feel, along with his wise teaching set my faith path for my life.  

Pastor Svierge Torgerson held our weekly confirmation classes.  I have always been pleased that I was able to be baptized and confirmed in Mother's Church.  I will add that the blacksmith shop had been started by my Grandfather, P.M>Danielson in 1880.  My Uncle Bill Danielson ran the Cyrus Post Office in 1937 while we were still living there.  I took piano lessons from Eva Peterson in exchange for work in her home and garden after school and on Saturday, when needed.  Her husband Pia drove the school bus.  My cousin, Lois Ness still lives in Cyrus in the same house Ruth and Martin Ness built in the 1920's. Martin was a carpenter that helped build many homes in Morris and around the vicinity. My past has a strong connection to Cyrus and we do make a trip from St. Paul occasionally to visit the grave sites of my Mother and Dad, John and Mary Swanson who are buried in the St. Petri Church Cemetery.

Submitted by Virginia Ellman - 2680 N. Oxford St. #133, Roseville, MN 55113.

Virginia Swanson Ellman

Cyrus Resident from 1935 to 1937

Her Story